The Internet Allows You To Compete Against Monopolies Such as Walmart

The elite have done everything in their power in order to get you to believe the big businesses are your friends. This has been made even easier by the fact they have complete control over the mainstream media. You are bombarded daily with lies disguised as the truth. You cannot even trust what is printed in the newspapers or on the nightly news.

You are sure to have seen the Walmart ads at this point. They are literally everywhere you turn. The idea is to create a glut where you not only feel your best interests are being taken into consideration. The advertisements you see everywhere show you people just like you who have had their lives improved by shopping at Walmart over other stores.

If you pay attention you will notice how the Walmart image tends to pop up in every other form of media. This is intentional in order to make you believe everyone shops at Walmart. You are supposed to believe there is nothing more normal in the world than shopping at Walmart. You have even been fed the line shopping at Walmart makes you more American.

In fact, Walmart is the biggest part of the problem with America today. It is understandable to believe there is no way to compete with the multinational corporation. This may be true when fighting them on their terms. However, through a Global Information Network membership, you can move ahead of the competition using proven methods.

Destroying the American Dream

The Walmart ads would have you believe the corporation was built with the American dream in mind. This is a lie which has been generated in order to drive up sales. The truth is the American dream is that it is possible for anyone to create a business for themselves, maybe even take advantage of MLM secrets for great wealth and to be a homeowner. With companies like Walmart, this is not possible.

America’s business landscape has been changed in terms of doing business the old way. They have created an environment which is toxic for any small business. This is why so many small businesses in small towns all across America have closed their doors forever. Those pursuing the American dream have been forced to go to work for Walmart.

Growing at an Unnatural Rate

The growth of Walmart is represented in Walmart ads as a good thing. In actuality, the only way the company has been able to grow at the rate it has is because of tax breaks, taking over smaller companies and creating unfair work practices. Not even the employees of Walmart are treated with the respect they deserve.

There is only one way to defeat such an out of control monster. You need to earn more for your company in order to stay viable in the modern economy. Joining the Global Information Network is a key way to ensure you learn exactly what it takes to win in this game.

Beating Walmart at Your Game

The Walmart ads have created an environment where the average citizen believes they are the best company for America. You do not have to beat Walmart at their game. You can take a bite out of the competition by fighting on your terms.

We suggest you put the internet to work for you. Learn how to create an SEO marketing solution which will elevate your business to levels you never imagined possible. You will notice your advertising expenses shrink as your income gets you off of the porch and running with the big dogs.