Should every business have an internet site and how much capital should they put into it?

All companies will benefit from some presence on the worldwide web, even if it is only a straightforward listing on a site such as or one of the other business directory sites. That way, even if customers would not contemplate purchasing your product or service over the internet at least they can find your address details so that they can dropinvisit.It may be that a little more information would be of use to the customer, say for example you are a bridal shop the chances of a vbride to be buying a dress from you from the internet are slight but she may very well want to know a few things about your business before deciding whether to call in. Opening times will be important as will knowing if a meeting is required. She may also want to know what price range of dresses you sell, which designers you work with and whether you sell accessories, bridesmaid dresses etc. All of this information means that a small 3 or 4 page website would be well received by a customer base who are more and more used to locating what they want on the net.That said, the business you will attract will still be quite local as people will come to visit you in person so there is no necessity to spend big amounts on listing the full range of your stock, having photographs of everything taken and having a “buy on line” service available. The cost of a functional simple information website should only be a few hundred pounds and there is no need to spend on Online Marketing or be bothered about your search engine placement as clients will search for you via your company name.Other companies, whose market is more suited to national or international sales will need to invest heavily in their website if they are to tap into the possibilities of the internet. If we look at a business that sells car windscreen wipers on line we can see the difference instantly. If the client knows that the wipers she identifies on the website will fit her car and that they are a reasonable price she will buy from wherever she is. This could mean national and international trade for the organization that they would simply not have from having a shop on a high street. Money spent on Online Marketing provided by a Search Engine Optimization Company is however in this instance critical. If you do not have a good search engine listing none of those potential customers will find you as they will not know you by name; so spend in both site development and Search Engine Placement is crutial.