The Youtube Seo Method

Traditionally seo experts have turned to the scripted word as their main strategy for traffic and back links. However, we are seeing more and more people using video websites such as Youtube to increase there traffic and links to their websites. This article will explain this process in greater detail so you too can take advantage of the Youtube traffic phenomenon.


Videos are much more convenient than articles and offer some elements that just can’t be expressed well in graphics and sans serif . Tutorial videos are great for teaching users about your products or services. These types of videos tend to get linked to and talked about by your community.


You may also notice that Youtube is great for showing movie trailers and music videos . It just doesn’t make any sense to create a press release stating how fantasic your movie is when you could just as easily show your potential customers a movie trailor on Youtube. These videos are not just nice to have in this industry, they are required. If you aren’t fashioning videos and everybody else is, you are going to be out classed.


Funny videos are great for submitting creative advertisements into. Imagine making a commercial that is so entertaining, people actually go out of their way to watch it. These types of videos may even go viral and be spread around the Internet at alarming speed. One viral video could absolutely propel your business onto the next level. Who doesn’t want to go from “tell your family about it at holiday meals money” to “I’d better open up another bank account money”?


The key to getting increased search engine rankings as well as traffic from these videos is to make sure you link back to your site from the Youtube videos page. Ensure that you use proper keywords in and around the link to let the search engines to increase your page ranking for your terms.


You can make these videos on your own, buy them from others, or have one custom made for you by a professional company . Owning the video is not required, all you really need is to own a link on a video.


When creating these videos yourself, make sure you get some decent video recording equipment. Many people try to make videos using cheap web cams and they don’t ever get any traction. People are just not compelled to link to bad videos.


Outsourcing this type of project can be a great way to go. You will save money with this seo package by not having to buy equipment and will have the skills and experience of a professional at your disposal. Be sure to make sure the company uses actors and actresses with the same language skills as your intended viewers.


Simply buying videos or links in videos that are already generating a lot of views can also be a quick way of capitalizing on Youtube video traffic . Make the current video owners an offer they can’t refuse, (money), and in exchange they will give you a link from their video, or even their entire account login name and password. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Owning the account will give you full control over the video, however it will probably cost you more money than simply buying a link on it.