Website Keyword Research Method and Long Tail Keyword

“Researching your website’s keywords can be a daunting task. You may be asking, “”How do I successfully research keywords that will produce results for my website?”” This can be a smooth process once you know some of the key elements of website keyword research success.

For starters, you’ll need to determine your specific niche. What product or service sets you apart from your competitors? Let’s say your website features an online book club for children. The goal from your website keyword research is to determine which specific keywords your target audience is typing into Google or the other search engines when they are searching for what you have to offer. For the sake of our example, you’d want to find the converting keywords for “”children’s book club””.

Use a keyword research tool. This is needed so that you can do this kind of research. You may want to use the tool for Google. Just key in your website name or the keywords or phrases that you want to research on. You will be given a list of keywords and you can sort it globally or locally.

When you do your keyword research, avoid focusing on keywords with the highest total searches monthly. Those long tail keywords or those specific phrases may get fewer searches but they have the higher conversions compared to those that have the highest searches per month. This is because prospects are looking for specific things or specific items that they are planning to buy.

When you look at our example of “children’s book club” with this keyword tool, you’ll find that the highest searched keyword globally is “short kid’s stories””. This would be a general search, simply finding stories online and definitely not what this example would want to target. Try to look down below, you can find longer tail keywords like “”children’s book of the month”” or “”buy children’s book””. These are more targeted keywords. These both have significantly less searches, but are more targeted and will likely have higher conversion rates. Although longer-tail keywords are often the less popular keywords, they are responsible for quality online traffic!

You’ll also want to ensure you aren’t focusing your efforts on highly-competitive keywords. These keywords are usually quite obvious and will have too much competition. They will also take longer to get better rankings. Remember, quality search engine optimization efforts take time and are labor intensive. You’ll want to make sure you are focusing your efforts on high-quality keywords.

A longer tail website keyword research method is recommended if you are concerned with the effectiveness of your keywords. You will realize once you can see results that it’s all worth it.”

To achieve a high conversion rate for your website, an SEO company will prove to be a worthwhile investment. The best SEO company is one that can work with you long term and employ specific and targeted techniques so you can expect quantifiable results which are really what you need.